Terms of Service

Please confirm the product before placing the order.
When the customer places an order, it is equivalent to accepting the terms and conditions.

  • After payment, the order will be generated and your order will be confirmed.
  • Inventory is reserved only for paying customers. (First come first served)
  • Specific terms and conditions allow exchanges. For more information, please click "Refund Policy"
  • If you do not understand the specifications and differences of the product, you can contact customer service to help you.
  • We ship to users in Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and more regions will be opened later
  • Please do not place orders with anyone who is not within the scope of our company. Any loss is not our responsibility.
  • Unless the delivery process is damaged, other human factors will not accept exchanges

    Which countries cannot use it?

    Svi can be used all over the world, except in mainland China.
    We accept mailing to mainland China, but we do not accept refunds if the purchase cannot be used in mainland China.

    In addition, if APO GO / APO MO cannot be used during operation, it needs to be used with VPN.

    Please consider and read the regulations before placing an order. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Payments made before 3pm are regarded as orders for the day, and payments made after 3pm are regardedas orders for the next day.
  • Shipment will be shipped the next day.
  • Please confirm the inventory before payment.
  • After the payment is completed, please keep the receipt, and request to show the receipt if necessary.
  • After placing an order and paying, it is the same as accepting our agreement and rules.