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Unable to watch live stream

I have issued watching live streaming where it keep on buffering and does not shoe any video just black screen but i have no issue watching VOD

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Download link provided is unavailable. Unstable connection.

The dowload link provided is unvailable.The link show 404 page no found cause me unable to dowload the SVI GO app in my tv. Works in phone but the connection is unstable, the video keep loading and it is annoying

Recently online streaming can not access

Can not watch online program, anything happen on backend server?

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Everything is Perfect

99% of live channels and 80% of vod can't be watched

since at least a week ago, 99% of live channels and 80% of vod can't be watched at all. i had 4 accounts, and all the same, at different locations, different internet providers.


我的令牌还一百六十天,到今天已2星期看不到直播。点播可看到,客服物也沒有?怎心樣?快修很差!很差!!復?快修復?現在还是看不到直播?!!快修復 很差!很差!!復?快修復?



Svicloud 9P
CC Cheung
Svi cloud 9p

Very good service, the revocation is excellent.

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khairi hezami bin kamrudin kamarudin


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LIVE channels not working

recently LIVE channels always not working. Sometime after you switch to watch AOD and back to LIVE, all channels didnt work. have to restart the TVBOX or TV... sometime restart also didnt work. Please fix it. TQ. FYI, internet no problem bcos still can watch drama in AOD

Astro and Main land

Satisfactory but buffering at times maybe I am using portable wifi

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Not Bad but not good

1. Some Channels cannot be viewed
2. Some Channels with problem of picture and sound do not syzn
3. Sports Category with some Children Channels wrongly added

Download link

The download link that came with the authorisation code doesnt work. Give me a working link

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Nice APP, but should better

The APP does what it supposed to do with good amount of content, but APP would crash on my system and restart time to time so often. It would work again without problems, but it is very annoying when I am in the middle of shows. Beside than that, I have two installed APO GO on different android tv boxes, somehow on the 點播 section, it shows a little different on the top menu categories? One has 推薦 on top before 電影; but the other just start from 電影 and 推薦 is missing. Just wondering why same software version 1.3.1-20231016 have different interface on Android tv. I hope the APP crashes problems will improve in the future software updates.
The purchase process was smooth for me from US. I am very enjoying it and definitely recommend.

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Enjoy my movie and drama

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Good product

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